Ok  the truth is that the “tooth fairy” is actually a “little mouse” that lives in the George Arts Theatre...! That is the gospel  truth....!  ... this little mouse known as “die tandmuis” is pretty upset. He’s little home behind the stage in the Theatre is flooded every time that it rains due to the rotting theatre roof. BUT apart from that the bigger picture is that the Arts Theatre will have to close its doors should it not receive immediate financial help.

NOW... he feels that it is payback time....

The little “tandmuis” and his ancestors have served the George community well over the past years since George’s establishment in 1811*.

Now, here is his request….

That every George citizen and company would kindly donate R1 per month for 12 months towards the project.

That every roofing company in George that supply roofing material and that replaces roofs will get involved. You will be paid, but the “tandmuis” wants a “very” special price. Of course your company will benefit by receiving the necessary acknowledgement in marketing value from the “friendsofgeorge” for your good hearted efforts in saving our Art’s Theater.

That every person pins a little piece of paper to their shirt pocket everyday that says “ ‘n Rand ‘n Tand ” The artwork is downloadable on this website. When asked about it, you will explain what its all about, and collect a Rand from that person. You only need to do this for a week or 10 to create awareness.

That you would consider joining Theatre membership - R100 p/a

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